Annual 2008

With every passing year, we arrive at Cannava Annual publication time with a little less free time on our hands to put into its creation. This year we’re trying a new format—summary notes! We hope you enjoy them.

As a family: We traveled to Orlando for our annual family Disney trip, and in the summer took a short vacation in the White Mountains to show the kids some of their home state. Ruth and the girls made a summertime trip to upstate New York to visit Ruth’s mom, Niagara Falls, and attend a friend’s birthday party in Ithaca. We swapped our minivan for a hybrid Honda Civic. Our favorite movie was Wall-E, and we also enjoyed Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. In the “unexpected excitement” category, a hot-air balloon landed in our yard one morning in October.

Marc: Still enjoying his job at MITRE. Traveled to San Diego, San Francisco, Orlando, Washington DC, New York City and Rochester NY for work, attending various trade shows and conferences and acquiring new items for his electronic toy collection (one of his favorites being his Kindle). He spent a fun weekend at I-CON at Stony Brook as well, running a few games and hanging out with friends.

Ruth: Took a job as an instructional assistant in one of Windham’s elementary schools; she works one-on-one with an autistic third-grader. Working full-time for the first time in fourteen years has been an easier transition than she anticipated; she is working with a fun group of people, and the school is only a few miles from home so there isn’t a long commute. This is good, because after school her other job kicks in—getting the kids where they need to be and helping with homework. Ruth also continues with her friends in her book and knitting clubs, watches one of Laura’s friends after school on Mondays and Thursdays, participates in the choir committee at church (and sings in the choir), and edits the church’s newsletter. All of this keeps her mostly out of trouble.

Courtney: Now in the 8th grade, she plays flute and plays in the concert and honors bands at school, and participates in Game Club and Scrabble Club. Courtney completed five years of guild competition in piano and earned the guild achievement award, something she’s worked very hard for. Over the summer she took a babysitting course, and is now earning side income to fund her gaming habit. She spent two weeks in the White Mountains at sleep-away camp and had such a good time that she didn’t want to come home. She is excited as she watches the new high school in our town being constructed—she will go there next year and her class will be the first to graduate with all four years of high school at Windham High. Best of all, she got her braces off!

Laura: Now in 4th grade, she is enrolled in her third year of ballet and participates in bowling club and the treble choir at church. Laura had some BIG news this year—she has improved so much with eating that her doctor decided she no longer needed a g-tube at all, and so on June 5th she had it removed for good! We were all very happy, but no one was more thrilled than Laura! She even got a trophy for her efforts. As this issue goes to press, Laura is approaching her tenth birthday—and since she is now into the double-digit years, she is finally allowed to get her ears pierced! She is also sporting a set of braces on her teeth—so, from a purely budgetary perspective, we’ve got one kid off them just as the second one had them put on (cha-ching!).

That’s our wrap-up! From all of us Cannavas to all of you, we wish you all a joyous, fabulous, and most of all, relaxing holiday season. Eat well, sleep well, spend time with the people you love… and have a safe and healthy New Year.

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