Annual 2007

It’s been a very busy year for the Cannava family!

We took many trips in 2007—to Florida, to California for a wedding, and to the Caribbean with two other families on our first cruise. We didn’t get seasick, but both Ruth and Marc felt the boat rocking after we got home for about a week (weird feeling). Things we learned: If you go to Key West, you can actually see chickens crossing the road—properly, at intersections. The water down there really is that clear! And Cuba looks like any other island when viewed from the ocean; it was strange to know we couldn’t go there.

We welcomed a new niece into our family when Ruth’s sister’s second daughter arrived in June. Hailey was welcomed by her big sister Heather (now 4), who didn’t do any of those big sister things like trying to see if she could pull her toes off when Mom wasn’t looking. Not that Ruth would ever have tried anything like that on Becky. Perish the thought.

Courtney enjoyed her first session of sleepaway camp over the summer and had a wonderful time doing camp-type things like making various pretty things out of wood, hiking, swimming, riding horses, and hanging out with new friends. Ruth and Marc, never away from Courtney for this long before, were anxious about her being away and yet looking forward to experiencing the strange quiet that was bound to descend upon the house. Ruth decided to celebrate her newfound freedom by injuring her back and spending the entire second week of Courtney’s absence flat on the family room couch contemplating the ceiling. We know how to party around here.

Courtney is now in her middle year of middle school—seventh grade—and has a pretty full schedule. She’s in honors band, which meets before and after school twice a week, and continues with piano lessons and Game Club. She is her father’s daughter, currently bent on watching every episode of Star Trek ever produced (except for Enterprise, which doesn’t count); she just finished the original series and is working on The Next Generation.

Laura started third grade this year and loves it. Our district puts grades three through five in their own building, so she is in a new (for her) school, in the same class as her best friend Lexi. Laura is taking piano lessons like her sister, but her favorite pastime is definitely ballet. She is also in the bowling club at her school.

Marc is still working at MITRE and enjoying his job; Ruth is substitute teaching and getting experience in several local districts.

We experienced a significant loss this holiday season — Marc’s father died on December 13th. We are still just beginning to learn how to feel our way around without him, but we are fortunate to have so much love and support from family and friends.

Happy holidays to you, from us.

Love, Marc, Ruth, Courtney and Laura

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