We’ve set up this site to host our annual Cannava bulletins (which used to be printed, stuffed into envelopes, and sent via snail-mail — but this is just so much more efficient), general news about the family, and in general host things both fascinating and mundane. We hope you enjoy your visit here.

Let us know if you find anything amiss, broken, or just plain wrong.

You can comment on the stuff you see here, too! You’ll need to create an account (easily done by clicking the “Register” link on the left), and then you can log in and post! It’s not required if you’re just lurking or reading, but what fun is that?

The technical details, for those who care: We’re running on the WordPress CMS platform, hosted by Webfaction, an excellent hosting service. If you’re looking to set up a Web site for yourself, give Webfaction a try.

Thanks for visiting!

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