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Halloween Candy

This is the bowl of candy we had ready for our Halloween visitors this year:

Of course, we didn’t get many visitors, and the candy? Well… we wound up eating more of it than we’d planned. 🙂 At least we didn’t buy as much as we wanted to…

Travel to RIT

We’re going to try to keep this updated throughout the year with information, adding to the Annuals in a more dynamic way. We’re still getting settled in to the new domain, and trying to use the mobile client for WordPress (which, theoretically, will allow us to post from anywhere, throughout the year!).

Below is a picture of the entryway sign to RIT’s (Rochester Institute of Technology) new “Global Village”. Marc traveled here a few times this year for work:

The Global Village is coming along nicely and should be done very soon. Marc will most likely continue to visit through 2011 as his academic engagements continue.