This is the Cannava family’s newest home on the Web! We’ve migrated all of our prior content to this site, cleaned things up, added some pictures and links, and generally spiffed things up around here. We hope you enjoy it.

In the spirit of the growing social aspect of the Web, you can comment and provide feedback on the stuff we host here. Feel free, the idea here is to have some participation from friends and family!

What’s here?

We now have a grand and glorious total of FOUR Annuals available in this growing archive of Cannava family madness. Our plan is — still — to put more of the older ones up as time permits. Unfortunately, time did not permit during 2008 2009 2010, but there’s always hope for 2009 2010 2011.

You’ll also see some other things on the top navigation bar. We have links to our Flickr streams (where we post many things photographic), as well as links to other stuff we’ve done or are doing across the Internet.

Contacting Us

The Web is awash in social media, and the number of ways for people to find each other is exploding! In re-organizing this site, we’ve assembled a big list of links pointing to all the various ways we’re sharing information online. If you’d like to contact us more directly, the “Media” page has links to all our social media, contact methods, an email form and even a Google Voice widget if you want to contact us quickly! We look forward to (re-)connecting with you!

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